Disclaimer in respect of Supplier Products and Services

Disclaimer in respect of Supplier Products and Services

Construction Marketing Services Limited (CMS) is a marketing company which promotes the products and services of its members and introduces its members to potential customers. CMS does not however act as a sales agent for any person. CMS is reliant upon the information supplied by the suppliers of the products.

Consequently, CMS does not take any responsibility for the performance of the products and services of its members. CMS expressly disclaims any liability for, and claims for damages or other costs of any kind arising out of use, reference to, or reliance on any information provided by our specification consultants being correct at the time of any presentation or consultation or as otherwise being presented. Whilst the information provided by our specification consultants is periodically updated by our member suppliers, no guarantee is given by CMS as to the accuracy of that information.

You should make such specific enquiries as you consider necessary concerning the nature of the products or their services CMS provides information on and their suitability for your project needs, and whether they meet the requirements of the relevant part of the New Zealand Building Code.

CMS does:

  1. Provide consultation services to you including one-on-one or a group presentation service providing information on products and services.

  2. Provide project-based architectural product information as a guide only.

  3. Receive payment from third party product and service suppliers to disclose information about their products and services to the construction industry.

  4. We may collect personal information when you use our website or register as a member of our website. Our collection and use of personal information is governed by our Privacy Policy. By accessing and browsing this website, you acknowledge acceptance of the terms of our Privacy Policy.

CMS does not:

  1. Take any part in the contractual relations between the architects, designers, building companies or any other construction professionals and the third party product and service suppliers. Any architectural product information provided by CMS is to serve as a guide only.

  2. Recommend the suitability of any product or service for any particular project.

  3. Take any part beyond being a conduit for any requests for quotes or other contracts agreed between third party product and service suppliers and customer. A contract for sale will be formed between those parties directly. CMS will not be a party.

  4. Act as an agent for either party and does not participate in any sale or transaction between the customer and other parties it has a marketing relationship with.

  5. Warrant or guarantee the quality, safety, legality, fitness for a particular purpose, or other characteristics of products or services offered by any third party product/or services supplier.

  6. Provide any assurance or representation that any interaction provided by it regarding products or services is completely up to date or accurate.