What we do

In the simplest of terms, we are the ‘spider web’ behind the scenes that links our Partner’s products with developers, builders and industry specifiers such as architects, designers, quantity surveyors and project managers.

Nothing beats having a ‘go to’ person to help you with your specifications.

Partnering with leading brands, CMS provides a free service for the industry to assist professionals with their specifications. Established in 1987, Construction Marketing Services (CMS) provides education for the building and construction industry on market developments, important industry changes and product advances.

What we do for our Partners

We love our Partners and we literally travel the breadth of the country educating and informing the building and specification community with everything there is to know about our Partner’s products! Our strength is in our face to face relationships, which allows us to put our Partners in direct contact with the decision makers at the helm of current commercial and residential construction projects.

We work with some of New Zealand’s leading architectural and building products manufacturers and suppliers. 

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What we do for Specifiers

What really sets us apart is the relationships we have in the industry. We don’t sell, we are not a library service, we’re an integral part of the specification process. A CMS Specification Consultant will visit you at your place of work keeping you up to date and can also provide considerations for your projects. You can liken us to a ‘one stop specification shop’!

Our heavy investment in the industry extends to a nationwide CMS event programme; from regional networking events, trade expos through to design seminars with international keynote speakers. These events are for the industry, by the industry, with the potential to gain CPD or LPB points where possible.

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