Women in Industry - March

1 March 2018

Bringing like-minded and passionate women together in the industry to learn from each other and hear the inspirational journeys of other successful women.


 The Women in Industry lunch is an opportunity to meet, network and learn from other women in the industry while hearing an inspiration speaker and enjoying lunch together. This is a highlight of the CMS calendar and received great feedback from the first lunch held this year.


Denise Arnold

Director, Lyon O’Neale Arnold 
Founder, The Cambodia Charitable Trust

2018 01 web Denise Ang Run 1

ABOUT Denise

I have moved through various stages….

From… being a working mother and business owner  - So now I should be happy? Why do I feel like I should be doing something more?

My search for some meaning in a busy and outwardly successful life, feeling that really bad things happen in the world and if I am not part of the solution then I am condoning them.

To …finding my place in this world and how I could make a difference. The initial risk of overwhelm and the need to take little steps  - now I am learning to be brave and bold!

2018 01 web Denise in PP 1 


Film Scene:

"Well done on putting together today’s event and having such a fantastic speaker – Theresa [Gattung] not only is she someone that we can all be inspired by but someone that I think spoke to the audience in her ‘straight talking’ way.  I personally got so much from the event and want to thank you for thinking of me.”


Architecture Smith+Scully Ltd:

“… just a quick note to say thanks to the CMS team for a really nice event yesterday for Women in Industry. We get invited to all sorts of events and I’m so pleased we decided to come along to this one. Great speaker [Theresa Gattung], good central location, good time of the day, beautiful food, and a good opportunity to network and meet some switched on women in our industry. So thank you very much and we look forward to meeting again and attending another of your events.” 


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